Thursday, January 23, 2014

Have You Been Mistreated By OptumRX, As Have So Many Othe Victims Of This "Mail Order Pharmacy Supplier"?

At the end of this rant, you will be directed to a Quick Survey where you can help us to put a stop to their belittling, foolish and deadly shenanigans.
OptumRx is neither a pharmacy nor an insurance company: They are the incompetent stepchild of parent United Healthcare, a publicly traded healthcare insurer which applies pressure to its insured population (folks like us) and their employers to use their own mail order pharmacy provider. Aside from the obvious double-dipping and conflict of interest, customer service at OptumRx (formerly Prescription Solutions) is horrible:
  •  People with chronic, life threatening conditions don't get medicines delivered on time;
  •  The wrong medications are send to the wrong persons from time-to-time;
  •  The staff is untrained, and frequently resorts to lying, hanging up on callers, inventing legal and company policies which do not really exist, and other offenses.
Once, when I had less than one week's worth of medicine which I required for a chronic condition, one of the imbeciles there told me that "New York State Law doesn't permit a refill of a controlled or continuously reordered medication to be sent out until the patient (me!) had used the last tablet or pill of the last refill is finished." What that means is that I must first run out of the medication , and call them (repeatedly to get it refilled immediately... but they don't do that. What they do is shop around to find the cheapest source of the medication in the United States (this is how they profit, and keep their insanely high margins so unconscionably rich). 
After several angry telephone calls, one of their phone jockeys actually told me that I would have to wait an additional week (Three weeks after I had run out of medication -- what if it had been insulin or retrovir or cyclosporine? Or an antidressant?). And their mailing takes from 7 to 10 business days.

What really bites at me is that I often see the same medication at Walgreens at a lower price! -- but I'm not allowed to fill any order unless I go through this maniacal process.
Let's put these people out of business. Read More At:
Or go right to the Quick Survey:
Fill out the survey. You will be improving the quality of many lives, and keeping many people from winding up either seriously ill or hospitalized.
Thank you. - Douglas E. Castle 
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